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Thursday, April 13, 2017   /   by Cat Deegan

Porch Life

I’ve been lucky enough in my life to spend a good amount of time on a porch. Growing up in South Florida, and vacationing on the coast of North Carolina, I remember the times of simple, unspoiled pleasure to just be there on the porch.  The soft, warm breeze, the fragrant of flowers, mixed with salt air, the taste of a perfectly concocted sipping drink, and the rhythmic sound of the rocking chair running back and forth across the deck boards.
I considered myself quite an expert on porch-life.  That was until I moved to Aiken, South Carolina!  I was quickly schooled on the proper way to design, decorate, and enjoy a true Southern Porch!  There is an art to creating the harmonious blend of sensations, only found in the south.  As we approach Spring, it made me want to share some great articles I’ve come across concerning true Porch-Life!

Inviting Patio Makeovers with Southern Living!

WOW!  Take a look at Pinterest’s T ...

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017   /   by Cat Deegan

Summer All Year 'Round!

Yes, it's true!
All of the rumors you hear about mild seasons, low taxes, easy cost of living, and an active lifestyle are alive and well in the South. Especially in Aiken, SC!

I'm originally from Miami, FL aka South Jersey.  I moved to Aiken just about 10 years ago and wouldn't dream of living anywhere else.  After the culture shock, and I won't lie, I went through some painful learning curves, it became clear how one can really enjoy the day-to-day.  My commute is short and sweet.  People here are nice. The small city is quaint with cobblestone alleys, streetlamps, round-abouts, fountains, and gracious oaks.  We have a ballet, a symphony, a playhouse, more restaurants than we should have, and the usual suspects for shopping.  

Our economy is strong.  While we naturally are graced with some pretty affluent people from around the world,  we also have large national and international manufacturing companies hiring chemists, engineers ...

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017   /   by Cat Deegan

New Colors for 2017. We're surprised!


It's all about shadows and light.  While we seem to be keeping our foundation colors to the the popular spa grays and greige; we're pairing with some interesting accents!  I'm always impressed with the way Benjamin Moore sees the purpose of colors, and how they use in a room to create a living experience like no other.  Please enjoy!

Benjamin Moore's 2017 Color Trends-see them All!

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