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  • New Years Brunch and Bubbly!

    Tuesday, January 1, 2019   /   by Cat Deegan

    New Years Brunch and Bubbly!

    Celebrate the New Year with a Champagne Brunch anytime throughout January. 

    Hot brunch trends include recipes with seeds and grains, creative brioche-style french toast, and fun dipping skewers.  Any of this can be dressed up or more made more casual. Surprise guests with a tapas brunch and make sure to use shiny metals on the tables.  Bright golds and brass is totally IN!  They pair well with almost every color (and taste) palette!  Cheers to a Prosperous and Healthy New Year! 

    -Cat Deegan, Concierge Real Estate

    TasteofHome.com has great, trendy recipes for your next brunch!

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