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  • Porch Life

    Thursday, April 13, 2017   /   by Cat Deegan

    Porch Life


    I’ve been lucky enough in my life to spend a good amount of time on a porch. Growing up in South Florida, and vacationing on the coast of North Carolina, I remember the times of simple, unspoiled pleasure to just be there on the porch.  The soft, warm breeze, the fragrant of flowers, mixed with salt air, the taste of a perfectly concocted sipping drink, and the rhythmic sound of the rocking chair running back and forth across the deck boards.


    I considered myself quite an expert on porch-life.  That was until I moved to Aiken, South Carolina!  I was quickly schooled on the proper way to design, decorate, and enjoy a true Southern Porch!  There is an art to creating the harmonious blend of sensations, only found in the south.  As we approach Spring, it made me want to share some great articles I’ve come across concerning true Porch-Life!

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