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  • Schofield Middle School6

    Aiken, SC | Aiken County

    May 17, 2006

    What I dislike most about Schofield is how the students are seperated into different levels of classes based upon their state test scores. The state tests are not an indication how a child will do in the classroom. While my daughter was attending school there I had to fight with guidance all 3 years to get her into the 'higher' classes. She currently has a 4.5 GPA at Aiken High. The 'lower' academic classes tend to have kids with bad behavior in them. These kids do not have a role model of their peers in the classroom. Studies have proven that kids will work according to the ability of their peers. I believe integrating the students academically would help raise the scores of this school from a failing to a passing school. This practice was not done at Aiken Elementary and look at the success of this school.

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